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Some flies are too awesome for the wall

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Same shoelaces

So I was at a party this weekend and I’m talking to this girl and we are talking about how naming things gives them a soul. So of course I quote Jeff

And then I’m like…you should watch Community. And not just because I run a Community fanblog and want followers.

And she’s like “Oh, so I guess you get your shoelaces from the president then?”

And I’m like Holy SHIT YES.

And I’m pretty sure I talked her ear off but I was so excited that someone would get all my references and we like legit compared notes on Deadpool posts and on Steve Roger’s mom being a socialist feminist and it was a great moment for tumblr kind

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AU MEMEjeff and britta → road trip

and like a ten minute dream in the passenger seat
while the world was flying by
i haven’t been gone very long
but it feels like a lifetime

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