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G R E E N D A L E   S E V E N  Appreciation  Week(s) | Day Five
↳ Study Group Scene That Made You Cry: Pierce’s Death

"Tonight’s celebration was cut short by some tragic news. Pierce Hawthorne, entrepreneur, and expert heart attack faker has passed away, for real this time. Pierce had been recently banned from campus, but not from our hearts. He’s survived by many ex-wives and all of us here at Greendale that called him friend. If you’re listening, Pierce, you were a hell of a D&D player. It’s time to level up.”

Pierce was an amazing character, truly. He was so real and tangible and always truly himself (even if that was kind of rude and horrible sometimes) whereas all the others flip flopped around. He was so human and flawed and it was great. Pierce forever.

I just loved that we had the Baby Boomer who was so typically racist and horrible in that way that they all are, where they insist they can’t be because they smoked weed and went to protests in their youth. 

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G R E E N D A L E   S E V E N  Appreciation  Week(s) | Day Two
↳ Season With the Most Study Group Love: Season Two

"So, maybe we are caught in an endless cycle of screw-ups and hurt feelings. But I choose to believe it’s just the universe’s way of moulding us into some kind of super-group."

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Greendale Seven Appreciation Week // Day Three:


↳ Jeff and Britta

Jeff: Life’s too long to spend it with someone else.

Britta: It’s a sucker’s game.

Jeff: It’s a mutual cop out, I mean just nut up and die alone.

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Ren and Bruce’s Registry

haha, yeah I just saw how stupid expensive that mug is! Incidentally, i wasn’t paying attention to the prices when I registered, just kind of going happy-crazy for thing I wanted. lol