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Quick tip to make your fanfiction (or any story telling) better


Write emotions in the text, not the dialogue. 

  • "yeah," he said, feeling the blush creep up his neck and wishing he was invisible.
  • is stronger than
  • "I can feel myself blushing. I wish I was invisible." he said.

Write actions in the text, not the dialogue.

  • Without another word, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. She surged into, eager for the kiss.
  • is stronger than
  • "I’m going to kiss you now." he said. "Good, because I really want you to." she replied.

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yeah, your kids might see gay people on tv and act gay for a little bit

they also might see a dog on tv and act like a dog for a little bit

they’ll definitely see those night light pillows and stretchy ninja turtles and think their lives depend on having one

having gay people on tv isn’t about trying to get kids who are probably straight to act gay

it’s about gay kids seeing someone act like them

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okay, so at this point the livestream may not happen, but we will be recording it and i will post a link to the youtube video

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Urban Dictionary: Abed Nadir

A character from NBC’s Community. Anyone who is very knowledgeable about various fandoms. The kind of person who is both geeky and self confident. A person who was raised by TV and thus believes themselves to be inside a TV show.

Abed Nadir: When you really know who you are and what you like about yourself, changing for others isn’t such a big deal.

You are such an Abed Nadir. Meta meta meta.

I watch Community because I am Abed Nadir.

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Give a $1 so I can have a wedding cake!



So basically a family member told me that she was going to pay for my wedding cake, so I didn’t budget it in.

Now, she is no longer paying for it, we can’t afford the cake, and the wedding is in a month!

I hate to beg, but fuck it, please, please, please just $1 will go towards getting us a cake on our wedding day.

I promise a livestream link to the wedding, and gorgeous pictures of my cake posted to my tumblr!

(also don’t feel guilty if you have no money and cannot help out)

I corrected the link, so it should work now.

If not, just go to my blog page and the donate button is at the top!